Since1959 the Farinacci family has been"Decorating the Outdoors". Back in 1959 Mike Farinacci started Farinacci Landscape Design Contractors. As the company grew Mike brought in his son Anthony as part of the company. Now in its third generation the Farinacci company is now overseen by Anthony's son Angelo. Mike has since retired from day to day operations and now enjoys consulting with customers about their yards. Anthony still leads the design and construction portion of the company.  Angelo now runs the majority of the day to day operations  and  heads up the fertilizer portion of the company as well as the maintenance division. With over 50 years of knowledge at our hands the Farinacci family thrives on creating the best outdoor spaces for you and your family to enjoy. 



Angelo Farinacci

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The Farinacci's know that landscaping is more than cutting grass.  For over 50 years  we have worked with our clients to craft the perfect spaces for their needs.